Maple Bourbon Brown Butter Peach Pie


One of my absolute favorites things to do in the summer is go to Jones Orchard and pick fruit. We get up early and head to the orchard to beat the scorching Memphis heat. I have tons of childhood memories with my family picking peaches and berries and chasing wild bunnies. When I got to introduce Philip to this tradition a couple years back he told me that I get giddy like a school girl when it is orchard day. Seriously nothing beats picking the fruit right off the tree and knowing that it is perfectly ripe and ready to eat. This season I went a little peach happy and ended up with 20 pounds of peaches that I needed to eat or use in recipes. So a string of baking and cooking resulted from our orchard day. I’ll be sharing a few of the recipes I tried with this fresh fruit.

I know that when I’m personally looking for new recipes I like to have the recipe higher up on the blog post so that when I come back to reference it I’m not scrolling forever to get to the core of the recipe. I’ve also found a great way to showcase the recipe that allows you to print for your personal collection. So recipe first and my notes and pictures after 🙂

First up, a Maple Bourdon Brown Butter Peach Pie!


[yumprint-recipe id=’1′]This season we picked a mixture of yellow and white peaches. Personally I prefer the yellow for their texture and natural sweetness. I do believe that this years harvest had some of the sweetest, juiciest peaches I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve had a lot of peaches! The greatness of this crop really enhanced the flavors of the pie. I actually made this specific pie twice in two weeks for different events and both times the pie was gone as soon as it was cut into. Adding bourbon into the syrup that goes into the filling brought out a richness to the butter and maple syrup that I’ve never tasted before. I’ve recently started using bourbon instead of vanilla in a lot of recipes and I’m loving the way the harsh tones of the bourbon brings out the deeper flavors of the fruit.




This specific pie is a little more time consuming than others I’ve made this summer. The crust requires chilling both before and after rolling so I do suggest you make the crust a day ahead. With as many peaches as we picked this year I wanted to find a quick way to peel them all. For the yellow peaches blanching the peaches actually worked wonders on the peeling! You boil the peaches for 45 seconds to 1 minute then immediately pull the peaches out of the boiling water and place them in an ice water bath. This loosens the skin and you are able to make a single slice in the skin with a knife then the skin basically falls right off when you gently push against it. This worked some on the white peaches but I did noticed that the white peaches needed to be almost over ripened for the quick peeling method to work.

As you can see in the picture below this method of peeling leaves the peaches nice and smooth without chunks missing from using a knife of peeler. My OCDness prefers this because it gives a nice even peach with no waste.


I’m not one to take many pictures while in the actually baking process but here is the pie before going in to the oven…

Maple Bourbon Peach Pie-7

And the finished pie.

Maple Bourbon Peach Pie-8

Maple Bourbon Peach Pie