French Bread

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This French bread recipe was one I wanted to try for a while and need a good excuse to make it. I wanted to serve it with a chicken dish that I had also been eyeing but haven’t had the time to do both. Well I finally got around to making both this past week for a dinner with our friend Ben.

Since this was the first time making this bread, and I honestly don’t make many breads, I found that the recipe will need some perfecting. You are only supposed to let the dough rise for 15 minutes but I got distracted and it rose for 30 minutes. I think this made the dough too airy and it ended up being flatter than I had anticipated. Next time I am going to try and let it rise just the 15 minutes needed and see if the texture is better. But for a first attempt I liked how it turned out, the taste was spot on even if it wasn’t as pretty as I had hoped.

French dinner-3

Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Egg Breakfast Soufflé

[yumprint-recipe id=’7′]I love a good soufflé, especially a breakfast one. When we go to Panera Bread their four cheese soufflé is always my go to option. The flakey crust with the cheesy eggs… breakfast heaven. I made this “copycat” recipe this morning and it was delightfully simple and the taste was right on par with Panera. For the crust you use a pre-made croissant sheet (easier to use the sheet rather than the ones that come as individual croissants) and then simply fill with your egg mixture. I precooked my bacon so it was ready and just needed to be chopped for this specific recipe, cutting the prep time down drastically. I had these in the oven before our post workout coffee was even done brewing.

I used two different sized ramekins and while the smaller ramekins yielded pretty soufflés, the larger ramekins had a better egg to crust ratio. Definitely going to be a frequently made breakfast item in our house, especially since we consume so many eggs now that we are lifting weights pretty hardcore. Protein baby!

egg souffle-3

Indian Dinner : Tandoori Chicken, Bombay Potatoes, and Garlic Naan

For our first date Philip took me to one of my favorite restaurants at the time, India Palace. It was his first time to eat Indian and even though he wasn’t immediately a fan of Indian food I eventually won him over and now we eat it pretty often. This is one of our favorite versions of an Indian dinner : grill Tandoori Chicken, Bombay potatoes, garlic naan, and basmati rice.

For the chicken we use a premade Tandoori paste that you mix with plain yogurt. When mixed you marinate the chicken in the mixture for 4-6 hours in the fridge. We then grill until tender. Easy peasy. The other dishes are just as easy, they just take a few minutes of prepping earlier in the day. I prep the side dishes when I start marinating the chicken.

First up, the garlic naan bread :


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I prefer to use a rolling pin to flatten the dough. I’ve done it by hand and I can’t seem to get it thin enough when hand pressing.

indian dinner-6

indian dinner-7

Finished naan.

indian dinner-12


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Prep takes just a few minutes on the potatoes and then they finish in the crock pot.

indian dinner-1

They are super tender and full of flavor when finished!

indian dinner-14

And a completed dinner. I serve over a lime, cilantro basmati rice that I prepare in a rice cooker. Over all the dinner takes about 40 minutes of hands on cooking and the fullness of the flavor is perfect!

indian dinner-10

Kenney Family Fudge Pie

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A couple weeks ago Philip and I spent some time with his Mamaw. During our visits with her she shared with me some of the family recipes that she loved to make and now loves having made for her. She is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and now lives with Philip’s parents. Because of the progression of the disease she is unable to cook and bake like she used to. She has a major sweet tooth (even though her doctor has told her to lay off the chocolate, she still hides it in her room 🙂 ) and I wanted to make her a little something special.

This pie recipe has always been one of her favorites as well as Philip’s. After I made it Philip talked about how the first bite of it brought back countless family holiday memories as this pie was serves at all the gatherings. It amazes me how flavors can be such strong triggers for memories!

While the pie taste amazing it is super easy to make and most the ingredients you will have on hand in the pantry. Within two weeks I made the pie three times and mixed it up a little here and there. To continue on my bourbon kick I swapped the vanilla out for bourbon once and it really lifted the chocolate flavor! I also did half dark cocoa and half semi-sweet cocoa during one of the bakings. I personally prefer the dark cocoa and bourbon combination as my taste palette is preferring less super sweet things these days. I also dusted the top of the pie with powder sugar to give it a little extra something 🙂

What is super fun is this recipe is Philip’s great grandmother’s and the pie plate and pie slicer in the pictures were my grandmother’s. I really didn’t get into cooking/baking until the past year and I’m so glad that I have little bits of both our family’s history to use in my own kitchen.

Kenney Fudge Pie


Peach Scones with Bourbon Glaze

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These peach scones were almost sinful! After having one and a half I insisted Philip take the rest of them to band practice so that they would not be sitting on our counter tempting me! This was actually my first attempt at scones and I was thrilled with the results. I loved how simple they were to make and the fact that I could whip them out while I took a lunch break from work.

I took a regular vanilla glaze and turned it into a bourbon glaze to mix it up a little. Like I said in my post about the Maple Bourbon peach pie, I’ve been experimenting with swapping out vanilla for bourbon in sweet recipes. If you don’t like cooking with alcohol you can always use vanilla but I’m loving the deeper flavor that bourbon offers over vanilla. If you are looking for a good bourbon to use for cooking I recommend Four Roses, yellow label. It isn’t crazy expensive but is slightly nicer than just a cooking or mixing bourbon. I know Julia Child was big on using nicer alcohols for cooking instead of traditional ones for cooking. The nicer bottles will yield better flavors overall, even if you don’t like alcohol it adds to the savory part of your palette. 🙂

For decorative purposes I did a second glaze that was just powdered sugar and whipping cream. This resulted in a pure white glaze that could be drizzled over the darker bourbon glaze and gives a contrasting color. Hope you enjoy!!