Before: Upstairs

Time to take a little look at the upstairs of the house. First up is the loft area that is above the front entrance. There are four total rooms in the upstairs and each one has it own balcony. The loft area will be painted the same color as the living room and dining room. What can we say, we love monochromatic houses 🙂

Looking over into the living room from the loft. Painting the wall on the far right is going to be a challenge… it goes all the way to the peak of the roof which would be over 20 feet. Gonna need one tall ladder for that project.

Looking into the dinning room. The

Ok lets talk about this room. This will be Philip’s music room and these little lady bugs will be going immediately! The first time we saw this room I laughed hysterically that the paint job. Eventually as we visited the house more in the buying process these lady bugs started creeping me out. Can you imagine being a kid and waking up with these on the wall! Yeah, probably not the smartest paint job 🙂

Another fun little thing about this room is the brown trim, baseboards, and doors. I jsut through they were jsut original to that house and 1980s dark wood. Nope, they have been purposefully painted this shade. I’m not really looking forward to having to paint over these and get them white again… BUT a huge plus to this room, the 8 foot by 8 foot closet. Pretty sure it is really just another room inside a room:

This next room will be our bedroom. The bedroom downstairs is actually a good bit bigger than the upstairs rooms but we picked this room for a couple reasons.

1. The bathroom connected to this room is bigger and has a better tub 🙂

2. The closet is again a huge 8×8 room (hello plenty of space for shoes!)

3. The view from the balcony in this room is pretty nice and we enjoy having lots of natural light in our room.

4. Since there is only one bathroom downstairs that will be the one that all our guest use and we want to make sure that all our personal stuff isn’t in that bathroom.

This room will be painted either a light gray or white. If you haven’t guessed by now, we love gray and white. It feels so fresh, clean, and modern. We love very clean lines in rooms and picking really natural bright walls colors has shown to be our favorite thing in room designs.

A peek into the master bedroom closet. There is already some pretty good shelving but we will probably be adding some more. I’m a huge organization freak and I like closets to be perfectly organized with everything having its own place.

Part of the master bath. One great thing about this bath is that it is about 75% finished. We LOVE the slate tile that is on the floor and we really like the shower/jacuzzi tile as well. The previous owner did a really great job picking out natural tiles. They might have done a crazy paint job in their kid’s room but the tile wins an A+ in our book.

A look at the shower and jacuzzi. After really long days photographing weddings, this tub will come in very handy in soaking our tired muscles 🙂

The rest of the bath. This part will eventually be gutted. We want to pull up the carpet and finish out the rest of the room with the slate tile. We want to pull out the double vanity and make it more streamline and more modern. That will probably be a project on the long term list 🙂

Now this balcony door is a little odd being in the bathroom… definitely will be needing some curtains 🙂

Out on the landing to go back down stairs.

Up next, the studio!!