Peach Salsa Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Potatoes

[yumprint-recipe id=’2′]Oh buddy! This pork tenderloin recipe so pretty freaking awesome! We don’t eat a ton of pork because I’ve never managed to get it tender or juicy enough. I also don’t use the crock pot much as I’m terrified it will catch the house on fire if I just leave it on for hours… Well this attempt at a pork loin was spot on and it will definitely be happening again soon!

I got my tenderloin from Costco and it came in a pack of two. I thought when I opened one of the packages that it would be a single slice of meat but I was surprised to see two smaller pieces. I actually preferred the small cuts of meat and I froze the other package for another day. When I pulled the finish pork out of the crock pot it was so tender it was falling apart with just the touch of the fork. I definitely prefer a fall apart loin to one that requires a knife.

The juices from the peach salsa helped fill the meat with extra juices and the acid from salsa worked to tenderize the meat as it cooked. The peaches added just hint of sweetness that I felt was perfect. The sweet potatoes were perfectly cooked and even reheated nicely. Overall a super easy meal to fix but still felt full of flavor and wasn’t mushy like a lot of crock pot meals I’ve had.

peach salsa por tenderloin

peach salsa por tenderloin-2

I servered the finished meal on a bed of basmati rice. I think the next time I might use a brown rice or a wild grain one. The basmati definitely was a great choice and made the whole meal feel more Indian, which we love!

peach salsa por tenderloin-4