French Bread

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This French bread recipe was one I wanted to try for a while and need a good excuse to make it. I wanted to serve it with a chicken dish that I had also been eyeing but haven’t had the time to do both. Well I finally got around to making both this past week for a dinner with our friend Ben.

Since this was the first time making this bread, and I honestly don’t make many breads, I found that the recipe will need some perfecting. You are only supposed to let the dough rise for 15 minutes but I got distracted and it rose for 30 minutes. I think this made the dough too airy and it ended up being flatter than I had anticipated. Next time I am going to try and let it rise just the 15 minutes needed and see if the texture is better. But for a first attempt I liked how it turned out, the taste was spot on even if it wasn’t as pretty as I had hoped.

French dinner-3

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