Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Egg Breakfast Soufflé

[yumprint-recipe id=’7′]I love a good soufflé, especially a breakfast one. When we go to Panera Bread their four cheese soufflé is always my go to option. The flakey crust with the cheesy eggs… breakfast heaven. I made this “copycat” recipe this morning and it was delightfully simple and the taste was right on par with Panera. For the crust you use a pre-made croissant sheet (easier to use the sheet rather than the ones that come as individual croissants) and then simply fill with your egg mixture. I precooked my bacon so it was ready and just needed to be chopped for this specific recipe, cutting the prep time down drastically. I had these in the oven before our post workout coffee was even done brewing.

I used two different sized ramekins and while the smaller ramekins yielded pretty soufflés, the larger ramekins had a better egg to crust ratio. Definitely going to be a frequently made breakfast item in our house, especially since we consume so many eggs now that we are lifting weights pretty hardcore. Protein baby!

egg souffle-3

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