Peach Scones with Bourbon Glaze

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These peach scones were almost sinful! After having one and a half I insisted Philip take the rest of them to band practice so that they would not be sitting on our counter tempting me! This was actually my first attempt at scones and I was thrilled with the results. I loved how simple they were to make and the fact that I could whip them out while I took a lunch break from work.

I took a regular vanilla glaze and turned it into a bourbon glaze to mix it up a little. Like I said in my post about the Maple Bourbon peach pie, I’ve been experimenting with swapping out vanilla for bourbon in sweet recipes. If you don’t like cooking with alcohol you can always use vanilla but I’m loving the deeper flavor that bourbon offers over vanilla. If you are looking for a good bourbon to use for cooking I recommend Four Roses, yellow label. It isn’t crazy expensive but is slightly nicer than just a cooking or mixing bourbon. I know Julia Child was big on using nicer alcohols for cooking instead of traditional ones for cooking. The nicer bottles will yield better flavors overall, even if you don’t like alcohol it adds to the savory part of your palette. 🙂

For decorative purposes I did a second glaze that was just powdered sugar and whipping cream. This resulted in a pure white glaze that could be drizzled over the darker bourbon glaze and gives a contrasting color. Hope you enjoy!!

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