Kenney Family Fudge Pie

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A couple weeks ago Philip and I spent some time with his Mamaw. During our visits with her she shared with me some of the family recipes that she loved to make and now loves having made for her. She is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and now lives with Philip’s parents. Because of the progression of the disease she is unable to cook and bake like she used to. She has a major sweet tooth (even though her doctor has told her to lay off the chocolate, she still hides it in her room 🙂 ) and I wanted to make her a little something special.

This pie recipe has always been one of her favorites as well as Philip’s. After I made it Philip talked about how the first bite of it brought back countless family holiday memories as this pie was serves at all the gatherings. It amazes me how flavors can be such strong triggers for memories!

While the pie taste amazing it is super easy to make and most the ingredients you will have on hand in the pantry. Within two weeks I made the pie three times and mixed it up a little here and there. To continue on my bourbon kick I swapped the vanilla out for bourbon once and it really lifted the chocolate flavor! I also did half dark cocoa and half semi-sweet cocoa during one of the bakings. I personally prefer the dark cocoa and bourbon combination as my taste palette is preferring less super sweet things these days. I also dusted the top of the pie with powder sugar to give it a little extra something 🙂

What is super fun is this recipe is Philip’s great grandmother’s and the pie plate and pie slicer in the pictures were my grandmother’s. I really didn’t get into cooking/baking until the past year and I’m so glad that I have little bits of both our family’s history to use in my own kitchen.

Kenney Fudge Pie


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