For years I’ve been telling Philip about how much I love the beach. I grew up spending summer family vacations at the beach and it was my happy place. Sitting in the sand with the surf hitting my feet while reading a good book was heaven for me. I love adventuring and exploring but sometimes my soul and body just need to escape and rest and the beach is my resting spot. This summer I convinced Philip to give the beach a try and boy did he fall in love with the peace that comes from sitting by the ocean hearing the waves crashing. We spent the days beach side, the evenings eating amazing seafood, and staying up late talking until the wee mornings. It was so fun to be kids again and feel like we were young newlyweds without a care in the world. This was one of the few trips we’ve taken since we got married that was strictly pleasure and had no business agenda. We get to spend every day together (and LOVE it!) but a whole week with no business talk was heaven! I have a feeling these get aways will be happening a lot more frequently.