Western Adventure

For years we have been dying to go camping out in the great west. We’ve always been too busy and we kept putting it off until the next year.  This winter we had enough and decided to just book the trip. Hands down this was one of the best trips that we have been on in a long time and we needed it sooo bad! Our dear friend Michelle joined us for this adventure and we spent most of the time just being big dorks and enjoying nature.

Over 9 days we covered 10 states (Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma), put 3,912 miles on our rental car, camped for 6 nights, hiked close to 50 miles (lots of that hiking done in deep snow), roasted way too many marshmallows, saw : a grizzly bear, a mama black bear and her 3 cubs, elk, moose, wild horses, wild rabbits, marmots, and more bison than we ever cared to see, and didn’t shower for 8 days. We visited Badlands National park, Big Horn National Forest, Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Teton National Park. Yep we crammed a lot into that trip!

We really didn’t know how much we needed to get away from this crazy world until we pulled into the Badlands and all of us were speechless and overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. It was amazing to spend the day hiking in the middle of nowhere with no one around for miles! The vastness of the west is beyond anything we’ve every experienced. While driving through most of the states we would go hundreds of miles at times and not see a single town or city. I’m so glad that so much of the west is left wild and free…

On this trip I decided to try my hand a video instead of photography. Philip is hands down the superior landscape photographer and I knew I would get frustrated trying to get shots as good as his so I went the other direction 🙂 Truth be told, besides the 150 images I took on my Iphone I only took abut 10 images with a real camera! That is actually a record for me and it was great to really detox from being a photographer! With the video I wanted to capture the heart of the trip and the fun we were having. I’ve never shot any video before so forgive my lack of skills in the technical area. Hopefully the spirit of our adventure comes through in what I captured.

Here you go, a look at our Western Adventure 🙂


Song- Asgeir: In The Silence

Philip’s Fine Art images from the trip can be found here:


And I’ll be posting some of Philip’s other images when he finishes them 🙂