Snow Days


This past winter all I wanted was snow. Living in Memphis we rarely get good snow, actually we really only get ice that looks ugly and it dangerous. I have friends who live all over the country and via social media I kept seeing their pictures of beautiful, fluffy snow and I got really jealous. I love snow and the magic that it brings when it is falling. Our bedroom has a huge balcony window that faces out into our backyard and from the warmth of our bed we can lay in each others arms and watch the snow falling. I especially love night time snows; the whole world is quiet and at peace as the flakes make their way silently to the earth. I probably have this dreamlike perception of snow because we so rarely get more than just flurries. But Sunday night as the snow started to fall I felt giddy. While we didn’t wake up to a snowy wonderland we did find a nice covering on the ground, just enough to make it feel worthwhile. The sun came out and started to shine through the ice crystals and I stood in awe for a while as I saw the ground sparkle. The wind stirred up the snow and ice crystals and as the sun hit them it looked like glitter was filling the air… yep just magical if you ask me.

We took a short walk with Amydog (short because the wind chill was zero. Yes, as in no numbers) so that she could enjoy the glorious snow. This dog is hilarious. When it is storming or even sprinkling rain she is terrified! Nothing will get her to leave my side during storms. But snow, good gravy this dog loves the snow! She runs and dives head first into the snow and scoops it up with her nose. She’ll roll onto her back and wiggle like crazy trying to get covered in snow. Watching her excitement for the snow makes me fill with joy and laughter. She runs and leaps and prances and does circles and it is the best things ever to watch. I was extra happy that the snow fell when it did because today Amydog had to go in for a small surgery to have several fatty tumors removed. The tumors so far are not dangerous, just in the way, but knowing that they could possibly lead to something else makes me nervous. Amydog has become like a child to us and I can’t imagine what life would be like without her. This March actually marks five years since we adopted her and I’m so glad that we found that precious dog at the shelter. A day playing in the snow was just what she (and this crazy dog momma) needed before a week of surgery recovery.

As for Troubadour the cat, well she didn’t like the snow so much and you can clearly see her hatred of the cold in the image above. Amydog looks sad here too but only because we made her pose and stop rolling in her beloved snow. 🙂

Now that we have had our snow for the year I give the weather full permission to warm up and stay warm! No more of these silly single digit temperatures!