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I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of our favorite outfits here on the blog. I’m personally love fashion and try to use every excuse I can to get a new outfit or try something daring. Philip recently has found a love of fashion and now has an obsession with all things European. And the people rejoiced! We’ve recently found several stores that actually have sizes that fit his tall yet very slim frame. So a couple times a month we’ll be sharing some of our favorite outfits that we actually wear 🙂

Last night we met up with some new friends for dinner. We had a blast getting to know them and we are looking forward to many more dinner dates with them. The weather in Memphis has been just plain dumb this summer and we are so stinking ready for fall! Memphis in the fall is what we long for all year; if we didn’t have such an amazing fall I don’t think I could live here… That said, we are totally over summer clothes. We both picked outfits that said “Fall would you please hurry up and get here” and didn’t care that we are still technically in summer.

Here is what we wore. First up Philip:


Savannah And Philip



Interior before and afters

So we closed on this house exactly 95 days ago… It feels like much longer than that, especially when I look back over pictures from when we first purchased the house. We have done so much in the past three months and it feels so good to finally be getting close to the end of our initial to-do list. We have a couple small projects still to do but for now the main interior projects are just about done! So today I have a flood of before and after pictures for you.

Above you have the stair case at the front entry way.

Projects Completed:

– Staircase stripped, sanded, and repainted.

– New carpet on stairs and hardwood in the hallway

– Hall and staircase painted

I’ve already shown most of the kitchen but we recently did some more work to the breakfast nook.

Projects Completed:

– Walls painted

– Bi-fold doors added

– Vertical blinds removed and curtains added

– Light fixture changed

Projects left:

– Hem curtains

– put door knobs on doors.

– Eventually we want to take the sliding doors out and put a window in its place

Dining room

Projects Completed:

– Flooring replaced

– Walls painted

– Light fixture changed

Projects to do:

– Add crown molding to match living room

– Window treatments

– Eventually add in windows on the front walls (where the London painting is hanging)

Living Room

Projects Completed:

– Half wall knocked down

– Columns refinished

– Flooring replaced

– Walls and trim painted

– Closet door replaced

Projects to do:

– Change out light fixture

– Finish decorating

Side note, I love the light in our living room during the day. We have a huge sky light that fills the room with a gorgeous even light for most of the day and it is so peaceful! Also the wall color in the living room, dining room, hallway, bathroom, staircase, and landing are all the same color but each room looks completely different depending on what time of day it is.

Amydog and Troubadour McLaren approve of all the changes 🙂

Downstairs bathroom

Projects Complete:

– Walls patched

– All doors replaced

– Walls painted

– Cabinets painted

– Mirror hung

– Shelves hung over toilet area

Downstairs guest room

Projects complete:
– Doors replaced

– Carpet replaced (praise Jesus!)

Projects to do:

– Paint walls and trim

– Add closet doors

– Replace windows (they have lost their seal)

Master Bedroom
Projects Completed:

– Walls painted

– Vertical blinds replaced

– Carpet replaced

Projects to do:

– Add crown molding

– Replace doors

– get new bed frame 🙂



Projects Completed:

– Walls painted

– Vertical blinds replaced

– Carpet replaced (oh dear it was so nasty. Y’all it gave me nightmares)

– We have no clue what we are doing with this area. It is the only room we can’t agree on. I want to move the tv up here and have a sitting area but Philip wants to bring in a pool table… we will see what happens.

PS Troubadour has managed to fall off the side of the landing twice. How that cat keeps falling I don’t know. She gets up there multiple times a day and can’t seem to stay up 100% of the time… I hope she doesn’t kill herself!

Philip’s Office

Projects Completed:

– Lady Bugs killed and painted over 🙂

– Trim painted

– Blinds replaced

– Guitars hung

Projects to do:

– Hang new doors

Probably my favorite corner of our house. For the first time since we’ve been married Philip has a room that is 100% dedicated to his music. As a professional musician he is always playing outside of the house but never played at home because he didn’t have a place to set up his gear. Now he plays all the time and I am thrilled!

So that is what we have been up to the past 3 months 🙂